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Documents required for Marriage Certificate in Delhi.

Documents required for Marriage Registration in Delhi.

(a) Aadhaar card is necessary for groom and bride.

(b) Any one document mentioning date of birth of both bride and groom is necessary. ( Passport/birth certificate issued by Government department with name/10th passing school certificate by recognised board/ driving licence within validity).

(c) Pan card is not acceptable as address or date of birth proof document for Marriage Certificate In Delhi by Government.

(d) Any one document with address of groom and bride. ( Voter Identity Card/ unexpired Passport /Unexpired Driving Licence / Aadhaar card ). Both bride and groom may have different addresses on documents of address proof.

(e) Some Marriage registrars demand more than one address proofs.

(f) 4-5 Marriage photographs with witnesses of different Marriage ceremonies are also required.

(g) At least one Marriage Invitation Card is also one of the required documents for Marriage Certificate in Delhi.

(h) 5- Passport size photographs of groom and bride with white or grey background.

(i) 2-2 passport size photographs of witnesses.

(j) Death certificate issued by any Government body of former spouse is necessary if one or both bride and groom are widow/widower.

(j) Documents of divorce by Family Court in case of divorcee.

(j) In case of Muslims the Nikahnama should be in English or Hindi or translated Nikahnama from Urdu or Arabic to English by Government approved translator is required.

(k) For Sikh couples, if they wish to register marriage under Anand karaj Act then an extra form has to be filled which should be attested by any gazetted officer or MLA.

(l) In case either bride or groom is a foreigner then No Objection Certificate/ No impediment certificate is also required which is issued by the Embassy in Delhi.

(m) Marriage certificate issued by any Mandir, Gurudwara or Church after performing marriage ceremony is also one of the required documents for Marriage Certificate In Delhi.

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