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Documents required for Marriage Registration in Delhi.

Documents required for Marriage Registration in Delhi.

(a) Aadhaar card is mandatory for both husband and wife.

(b) Any one document mentioning date of birth of both husband and wife is required. ( Passport or birth certificate or 10th passing school certificate or driving licence).

(c) Pan card is not acceptable as address proof document for Marriage Registration In Delhi.

(d) Any one document mentioning address of both husband and wife. ( Voter Card or Passport or Driving Licence or Aadhaar card ). Both can have same or different addresses.

(e) Some Marriage registrars demand at least 2 address proofs.

(f) Marriage Ceremony photographs of different ceremonies to prove your Marriage. Photographs should have witnesses present in marriage.

(g) Marriage Invitation Card preferebly from both sides i. e. groom and bride.

(h) Passport size photographs of both groom and bride with white or grey background.

(i) Some Marriage registrars demand passport size photographs of witnesses as well.

(j) Death certificate issued by municipal corporation of dead spouse in case one or both bride and groom are widow/widower.

(j) Divorce Decree issued by competent judicial Court in case any one or both groom and bride are divorcee/s.

(j) In case of Muslims the Nikahnama should be in English otherwise translated document from duly authorised translator. The translator should be approved by Delhi Government with proper stamp.

(k) In Anand karaj, another form is required duly signed either by the gazetted officer or Member of Legislative Assembly is also one of the required documents for Marriage Registration In Delhi.

(l) In case either bride or groom is not an Indian national then No Objection Certificate is also required from the Embassy of his/her country in Delhi.

(m) If Marriage was done in some religious place then marriage certificate issued by Temple, Gurudwara or Church is also required document for Marriage Registration In Delhi.

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