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How to register marriage in Delhi

How to register marriage in Delhi

How to register marriage in Delhi is a common question comes in mind whenever someone needs a marriage certificate. This service can only be availed, if groom or bride has any document issued by the Government, which proves that he/she is permanent resident of Delhi.

Place of marriage is irrelevant if someone wants to proceed with this Government service in Delhi. Address proof is only requirement.

Appointment for this service is available only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Timings for appointment given by Marriage Officer are 10 AM to 11 AM. There is no provision for afternoon appointment. It takes around 1 to 3 hours on appointment day.

Husband, wife with two other people, who had attended the marriage have to appear in the Court of Marriage Officer on appointment day at scheduled time. Ideally one should carry photographs of marriage ceremony in which witnesses are also present.

Appointment to register marriage in Delhi is available online on website of Delhi Government. It takes around four to five hours to fix an appointment with Marriage Officer.

Once appointment schedule is arranged then all four i. e. husband, wife and two witnesses will attend Court of Marriage Officer with all original documents for verification of documents and to fullfill other requirements as per rules.

After application to register marriage in Delhi is cleared by the said Marriage Officer, then the marriage certificate is uploaded by Government within21 days in a normal application and in 1 or days in urgent application.

Marriage Register Fee in Delhi is Rs 500.

Penalty Rs 500 extra if marriage is not registered within 60 days of marriage and the penalty rises to Rs 1000 if Marriage is more than 120 days old.

Government fee is Rs 1000 extra if someone wants to apply under tatkal.

Following is the list of documents that are needed to be uploaded online if someone wants to register marriage in Delhi.

Affidavits of husband and wife both duly notarized with register entry number of notary.

Aadhaar card of bride and groom.

Date of birth document of both bride and groom. Passport/birth certificate/ school certificate/driving licence. Any one will do.

Address proof document of bride and groom. Voter Identity Card/Passport/ Driving Licence/Aadhaar Card. Anyone will do.

Death certificate of former spouse if case is of widow or widower. Divorce Decree issued by competent Court if case is of divorcee.

Marriage Ceremony Photos with witnesses.

Marriage Invitation Card from any one side.

1-1 passport size photo of bride and groom both.

No objection certificate or single certificate from Embassy or High Commission of foreigner in case of a foreign national.

How to register marriage

Marriage Registration is possible under Hindu Marriage Act 1955, Special Marriage Act 1954, Anand Marriage Act 2018 or Christian Marriage Act 1872. These laws of marriage have been enacted by Parliament of India to facilitate all Indian nationals.

As per law to register any Marriage, the minimum age of groom should be 21 years and of bride should be 18 years on the Marriage day. The marriage should have happened with the mutual consent of both and without any force or pressure. Both should be mentally fit to give consent for Marriage.

Supreme Court of India in a judgement has held that all couples should register Marriage.

Marriage Registration is proof of marriage which can be used in different departments.

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