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Online Marriage Registration In Delhi

Online Marriage Registration In Delhi

Online Marriage Registration in Delhi is possible since 2015. Now no offline application is accepted at marriage registrar office. All the required details of groom, bride and witnesses have to be filled online.

Then all the required affidavits in correct format of bride and groom should be uploaded online to proceed the application. Almost all Sub-divisional Magistrates have their own format of affidavits and one should pay a visit for that purpose.

After affidavits, date of birth, identity proof, passport size photos and address proofs of both husband and wife have to be uploaded online.

Further marriage ceremony photo has to be uploaded. Different marriage registrars ask for different photo of ceremony. One should clarify this point whenever one visits SDM office for affidavit format.

Next is marriage invitation card. In some areas it is mandatory to online upload the invitation card but in other areas it is not.

Either the husband or wife should have permanent address proof of Delhi to apply for Online Marriage Registration In Delhi.

Once all above documents are uploaded online then appointment for Online Marriage Registration In Delhi can be fixed on working days only as per convenience of parties. Please note that only Monday, Wednesday and Friday are working days in Delhi for this service.

Now as per acknowledgement slip, one has to visit SDM office again to verify the uploaded documents. In case of any problem with documents, one will be informed to do the needful.

Thereafter bride, groom and witnesses will visit the SDM office on appointment day as per schedule to complete the process of online marriage registration in Delhi and certificate will be uploaded by Delhi Government within 21 days thereafter.

Online Marriage Registration

Online Marriage Registration Fee is below :-

(a) Rupees 500 for any marriage done before 1st May 2014.

(b) For any marriage done after 30th April 2014, Rupees 500 within 60 days of marriage.

(c) Rupees 1000 within 61-120 days of marriage and,

(d) Rupees 1500 after 120 days of marriage.

For tatkal Rupees 1000 extra.

Documents for Online Marriage Registration.

(a) Aadhaar card of both husband and wife.

(b) Date of birth proof of both husband and wife. ( Passport or birth certificate or 10th passing school certificate) any one.

(c) Address proof of both husband and wife. ( Voter Card or Passport or Driving Licence) Any one.

(d) Death certificate issued by government of previous spouse in case of widow/widower.

(e) Divorce Decree by Court in case of divorcee.

(f) Marriage Ceremony Photos.

(g) Marriage Invitation Card.

(h) 5-5 Passport size photos of both husband and wife.

(i) No impediment certificate or single status certificate from concerned Embassy in Delhi in case of foreign citizen.

Online marriage registration can be done either under Hindu Marriage Act , Special Marriage Act and Anand Marriage Act. Christian Marriage is registered offline only.

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